What we need to process an application



Our commitment to efficiency starts with you.


In order to process your mortgage application as quickly as possible, here is a list of what you’ll need to send to us:


1. A completed application form, making sure that:


  • All sections relevant to this mortgage are fully completed
  • Anticipated completion date included in application

2. Make sure to include the following with the application (per applicant unless indicated by *):


  • Printed copy of affordability calculation*
  • Certified copy of latest P60
  • Certified copy of most recent 3 months’ payslips
  • Certified copies of last 3 months' bank statements for all accounts (including business accounts where applicable) – Not required for First Trust Bank accounts
  • Evidence of gifted deposit*

Note: If your Switcher customer:

  1. Is an existing First Trust Bank Customer; and
  2. Has a LTV of ≤ 90%; and
  3. Has a max 3.5 times LTI; and
  4. Has their salary mandated to their First Trust Bank current account,
there is a reduced requirement for employment documentation - One up to date payslip only.

3. If any of the applicants are self-employed, make sure to include:


  • 3 years audited accounts
  • A letter from the applicant’s accountant confirming tax affairs are up to date

Once you have the application form completed and all the relevant documents, submit your application form and any supporting documents by:


1. Email


Submit the application and any supporting documents (See Intermediary Checklist) through our encrypted email service to broker.mortgages@aib.ie


Please note: This method can only be used if you have been approved to use our encrypted email service, to register for this service please contact our Intermediary Run By Desk on 028 9047 9100


2. Post


Please return to:

First Trust Bank for Intermediaries

Mortgage Business Team

92 Ann Street